As companies look for professional development opportunities for staff, an internal mentor program can yield fantastic results. This turn-key mentor program is a proven winner.

My mentor provided positive insight, encouraged me to do well and helped me understand the business better."

-- Zach Y., Protégé

Benefits for Protégés:

  • More focus on career development within organization
  • Encouragement
  • Broader view of the organization – the macro view
  • Increased network of internal contacts
  • Better understanding of business

I enhanced my interpersonal skills, patience and attentive listening. I strongly believed this has enhanced my management skills with my direct reports.”

–Shaun P., Mentor

 Benefits for Mentors:

  • Increased listening skills
  • Increased confidence
  • Opportunity to learn & practice coaching skills
  • More empathy
  • Enhanced management and leadership skills


  • 6-hour training for both mentors and protégés
  • Monthly e-mail check-ins with mentors
  • Monthly progress report to company contact
  • Two group conference calls for mentors
  • Electronic evaluation from both mentor and protégé groups for final report